Women Empowerment

The word “women empowerment” meaning providing the women with the power to stand up against the control and pursue a successful life. Historically, as per constitution women have been regarded as weaker section in the society, however, the commencement of the 20th century has brought up the immense changes in the status of women particularly in the Western World.

Women play an important role in the development of our communities and our nations but still, they face a lot of challenges. Shrustiskills work to ending to such challenges, through our program women and girls in rural communities are getting education and the skill development courses through which they contribute towards the development of our nation. Women and girls should be equally respected as they are offering a great contribution to the nation.

Development of the nation is unthinkable where the population is marginalized. Women encompass an almost equal population of every country, but they are living under poverty. Hence, women empowerment can alleviate more than half of the poverty. Moreover, empowered women mean you are indirectly empowering their family and society.