Beautician Therapy

Course : Beautician Therapy

As per the NSDC survey, wellness and beauty are the fourth largest growing services in the market. From the last five year, the growth which was noted annually is 15%.  Beauty and Wellness sector are the idle workplaces for the women and more than 50% of women are successfully working in this sector.

Shurtiskills has a very strong foothold in this industry and we are providing the job
oriented courses to the unorganized sector to enhance their living standard. We are tied up with well-known beauty players as our corporate CSR partners for skill development of youth. We had trained many women in this field including the sector such as Advanced Beauty & Wellness, Assistant Beautician, Pedicurist & Manicurist
Level 2, Advanced Beautician and others.

Also, we are featured with vocational training in Beauty and Wellness across many
states of our country. Shurtiskills provide the perfect blend of classroom and practical training with a visit to well-known beauty parlours for actual training delivery which brings sustainable livelihoods for youth in future.

Along with the practical classes, we offer job oriented course which will be really helpful for them in their future. The foremost advantage of the course is you can pursue your learning along with the earning.